Companion Animal Behaviour Consults

We can treat them at your place, or ours!

Adelaide Hills Consults

Behavioural problems are extremely common in companion animals with 1 in 5 dogs having an anxiety disorder. Unfortunately these cases are complex to manage and often require a combination of medications, environmental management and behavioural modification training to successfully treat. By coming out to your home I am able to assess your pet in it’s normal environment as well as help you determine any changes to the environment that might help with the treatment.

Some behavioural problems I have treated include:

  • Excessive barking
  • Separation anxiety
  • Destructive behaviours
  • Hyperarousal
  • Hyperactivity
  • Leash- reactivity
  • Inter-dog aggression
  • Toileting issues and house soiling
  • Noise and storm phobias

Initial behaviour assessments and consultations usually take 1-2hours and are followed by a written report outlining the issues, treatments used and plan for the future.

“Doggy Dementia” Assistance

As dogs age some will struggle with age-related cognitive dysfunction (CCD) which severely affect the quality of life of both the pets and their people. Signs of cognitive dysfunction can include increased anxiety, changes in vocalisation and altered sleeping patterns. Cats can have age-related cognitive dysfunction issues too with as many as 36% of cats over the age of 15 being affected!

While we cannot reverse these changes I can help you to effectively manage the symptoms so that you and your pet can continue to live harmoniously into their twilight years.

Reviews and Testimonials

Jess is amazing with all of our pets and provides excellent service. Our dogs adore her so check ups are never stressful for them, and better yet they get to be in their happy place when they're not well. Happy pets, happy owners! Would absolutely recommend Jess to anyone and everyone.
Annie Whicker
Annie Whicker
Jess has been our family and business vet for over a year. We have numerous animals and it is wonderful to have a vet that will come to your property, the convenience of a mobile vet is an absolute blessing for us. She is knowledgeable on so many different animals and has resolved different health problems for our pets. She is responsive and very thorough.We have a young dog with narcolepsy which is uncommon in dogs, she was able to diagnose the condition and has worked with us to improve his quality of life. Thanks Jess!!
kat velvet
kat velvet
Matthew Illana
Matthew Illana
Jess was the vet to my 2 x Airdales for many years. Unfortunately my dogs had constant issues from knees, to hip replacements, skin conditions, broken bones, to cancer so Jess and our family became very close to her. Jess always took the timein every consult to make sure our dogs got the best possible treatments and outcomes..nothing was too hard for Jess and she went above and beyond on so many occassions. Jess would always answer my text messages and calls in a timely manner and always made the time to see our dogs at short notice. I have nothing but respect and admiration for Jess and I highly recommend her to anyone simply because she is a great vet and has an amazing passion for the animals she cares for